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“Papa” Behind The Music from Mark Daniel Dunnett on Vimeo.

Latest News (2017)

Nominated for “Best Original Music” for Feature Film “Ambition’s Debt”


Feature film “Ambition’s Debt” just wins “Best Narrative” feature film at ABFF



Mark is currently scoring the feature drama film “Papa: Starring David Proval, Rob Wilson, Daryl Hannah, Paul Sorvino ,Vincent Pastore and Anne Marget.


Mark just completed the scoring for feature film drama “Ambition’s Debt” starring Nathan Darrow, (House of Cards, Billions) Perter McRobbie (The Visit, Spiderman 2) and Carra Patterson ( Straight Outta Compton). Orchestral sore recordings took place in Macedonia on August 22, 2016. See a few pictures from the recordings sessions below.

Hear a sneak peek from the score to “Ambition’s Debt”, recorded with live orchestra. (click the picture to go hear the recording.)






Mark has scored the trailer music for the up and coming feature film “The Lennon Report”. starring ” Evan Jonigkeit, David Zayas and Richard King.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3856300 Due out in October, 2016. Click the link here to view the trailer http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi2812589593/



“Grandma’s House” Scored and orchestrated by Mark debuted at select AMC theaters on April 22nd 2016 around the USA to great reviews! The films stars Emmy winning actress Loretta Devine, Paige Hurd, Disney’s Coco Jones and Alex Thomas. Dir. Paul D Hannah (Overflow Entertainment).

Click the the poster for link to video clips Click below picture for link to Music samples

GHOUSE FHM-Orchestra-mk2006-03

Mark was recently nominated for the 2016 Marty Awards “Best Music” in a visual work category.


Screen ShotA

Feature horror/thriller film “The Emerlyville Experiments” Now out on VOD August 29th, 2016.

Emerlyville Experiments


Working with Mark Dunnett on my feature, Ambition’s Debt, was a great experience from beginning to end. His music truly elevated our production, adding new layers of life and emotion to the film.Dir. Devin E. Haqq ( Ambition’s Debt)

Just arrived home after a lovely night to hear a new part of the score from 27, Memory Lane by Mark Daniels Dunnett near the end of the film during a key sequence – not ashamed to say I’m sat here weeping at how beautifully perfect it is. Incredible work, sir.” Dir. Luke Hupton.

Mark’s score for “27, Memory Lane” is one if the best scores to ever come through our doors”. Blue Owl Studios Post House, London UK

Mark is one of the most prolific, talented and versatile composers working today. As lead composer, he’s created entire scores for numerous lauded independent projects. He has an innate knowledge of what music fits with what genres, so he can perfectly match his score with the action on screen. He’s tasteful, prolific, and a master of multiple instruments, which allowed him to not only write the score for my film, but to perform it as well. Working with Mark has been a treat; he’s the epitome of a professional composer.” Dir. Katarzyna Kochany (A Director’s Journey: Hurricane McLean, Horse For Sale )

Mark’s talent as a composer is unique as he has both an exceptionally broad scope of musical talents, and a complete understanding of the language of film and how to touch upon the very specific emotional beat of a scene.”Dir. John Bevilacqua ( My Funny Valentine, Boardwalk Poets)

His score was amazing!” “It brought life and depth to a film I am so passionate about.” Dir. Paul Hannah, Overflow Entertainment (Grandma’s House, The Sin Seer )

No matter how abstract my musical request may be, Mark effortlessly interprets my needs and produces masterwork. Not only is he talented but he is an absolute delight to work with.” Executive Producer, Tanya Nesi, (Real Image Productions Dubai)

“Mark is a real pro and especially in action sequences his music is right in sync with the action emphasizing and supporting everything important and I really like the quality and emotion of his music.” Dir. ED Hunt (Bloody Birthday – Halloween Hell,)

Mark has a great ability to know just the right feel that the music needs to fit a scene brilliantly!” Dir. Pat Mills (Baby Siiting Andy, Guidance)