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Feature films

2017 Papa Light Drama, starring Daryl Hannah, David Proval, Paul Sorvino, Vincent Pastore, Frankie Avalon, Rob Wilson, Anne Margret Dir. Emilio Roso, Dan Israely (Composer/Orchestrator)

2017 Ambition’s Debt Drama, starring Nathan Darrow, Dir. Devin E. Haqq. (Composer/Orchestrator)

2016 Ulterior Motives: Reality TV Massacre (completed) USA feature horror film (Overflow Entertainment) (Composer/Orchestrator)
2016 The Emeryville Experiments (completed) USA feature horror/thriller (Chheda Films) Dir. Pritesh Chheda (Composer/Orchestrator)

2015 Get the Sucker Back (post-production)  feature comedy/romantic drama Dir. Lolade Thompson (Composer/Orchestrator)
2016/ Grandma’s House  AMC Box office Debut USA feature film drama starring Popstar/Actres CoCo Jones and Primetime Emmy Winning actress Loretta Devine Dir. Paul D. Hannah. (Composer/Orchestrator)
2015 The Surge Thailand/Canadian feature documentary (Hard Hat Productions) Dir. Wilfred Tangid (Composer/Orchestrator)

2015 The Sin Seer USA feature film thriller starring Starring Isaiah Washington (Grey`s Anatomy, The 100) C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders, The Amazing Spider-Man) Michael Ironside (The Machinst, Total Recal, Top Gun) And Salli Richardson-Whitfield (I am Legend, Eureka) Dir.Paul D. Hannah

2014 Halloween Hell USA feature horror film starring Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts, Dir. Ed Hunt ( Composer/Orchestrator)
2014 27, Memory Lane  UK feature film /Romatic Drama, Dir. Luke Hupton ( Composer/Orchestrator)

2012 My Funny Valentine USA feature romamtic/comedy Starring Tom Payne from (HBOs) “Luck” (The Walking Dead) and Pippa Black (NBCs)”Outsourced” Dir. John Bevilacqua (Composer/Orchestrator)

2006 Drop Box (Video) Comedy starring David Cormican, Dir. Anesty and Spiros Carasoulos
2005 Boardwalk Poets USA feature Film Crime drama; Dir. John Bevilacqua; starring Daniel Baldwin, James Oliver and Bree Michael Warner (Composer/Orchestrator)


40 Sundays Feature horror/thriller starring Chole Damange Dir. Geoffrey de Valois

Short Films (select highlights)
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Diamonds   Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama Dir. Hari Kapoor ( Composer)

A Director’s Journey: Hurricane McLean (Documentary short) Dir. Katarzyna Kockany (Composer)
You’re Beautiful (Video short) (completed) Dir. Lolade Thompson (Composer)
Calling Spielberg (Documentary) (post-production) Dir. Claudio DiFede (Composer)
No Good Turn (Short) Dir. Udoka Qyeka (Composer)
Drowned (Short) Dir. Dan Whidden (Composer)
Chuks (Short) Dir. Chidi Nwaozomudoh (Composer)
Two Guys & a Gal (Short) Dir. Jamie Noel (Composer)
Living Funeral (Short) Dir. Udoka Qyeka (Composer)
What You Don’t Know (Short) Dir. Paul Hannah (Composer)
Zac & Penny (TV Movie) Dir. Aiham Ajib (original music by)
Drum & Play (Short) ( Dir. Mohammad Alkazemi (Composer)
Der Kandidat (Short)  Dir. Yosef Baraki (Composer)
The Unforgettable Proposal  Dir. Mohammad Alkazemi (Composer)
Altarcations (Short) Dir. Ron Leach (Composer)
Shaky Grounds (Short) Dir. Ron Leach (Composer)
Team Epic (Video) Dir. Ryan Knight (Composer)
Love/Junkie (Short) Dir. John Bevilacqua (Composer)
Babysitting Andy (Short) Dir. Pat Mills (Composer)



2009 Team Epic (TV Series) (16 episodes)
The War Has Begun (2009)
– Metamorphosis (2009)
– Anyone Can Be a Hero (2009)
– Guilty or Not Guilty (2009)
– Highway Mystery (2009)
– The Wrath of Mother Nature (2009)
– Save Who You Can (2009)
– Chaos on the Homefront (2009)
– The Ambush (2009)
– Careful What You Ask For (2009)
– The Search for Answers (2009)
– Illusion or Reality (2009)
– A Name to Call Our Own (2009)
– Smells Like a Fight (2009)
– Undercover Hero (2009)
– A Gathering of Supers (2009)

Super Soul Sunday (TV Series) (composer – 7 episodes) (OWN Network)
The Dr. Oz Show (TV Series) (composer – 6 episode) (Harpo Productions /Sony Television)
The Oprah Winfrey Show (TV Series) (composer – 12 episodes) (ABC T.V.)


The Lennon Report (2017) Official Trailer Music
Get The Sucker Back 2016) Official Trailer Music











Commercials (winning spots)

Woodland Worldwide (India)
Zombies (Metrolinks) (Canada)
Wachubuzia (China)

IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1789645